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  • The Black Dog

    The Black Dog followed me

    from desperation's pit

    his shadow terrified me

    my circuitous route

    set him adrift

    the healing ongoing

    bubbling cauldron of the...

  • Through Painted Eyes

    No one sees the same. How different are we in interpretations of sights? How do our experiences through life change how we see and interpret? These photos are my 1960's visual interpretation of...

  • Nooks and crannies are best

    The Perks of Being a Wall-Snail

    1) Safe from being stepped on.
    2) Shelter from the elements.
    3) Safe from other predators.
    4) A second home for the winter.

  • They didn't even know I was here.

    The Oranges

  • The Reds

    Delicate red stool
    Sitting space for small bugs and mice
    Time is limited

  • Atomic Fungus

    A couple of years ago a slide was shown in lecture, The Three Sphinxes of Bikini by Salvador Dali (1947). I think it has been etched in my mind for one reason or another, like the film clip below...

  • Grey

    Oh grey sky, what have I done wrong
    for you creep into my life
    under cover of darkness
    a lead shield, thick but distant
    I don't believe there is blue above you.

  • Beautiful Autumnal decay

    In life and Death

    I gathered these photos over the past few months. The end of Summer brings about much death and decay.
    I like how the death of some things, like the apple or the wasp, help to pro-long...

  • like buttons

    Walking in the Woods

    There are many mushrooms and fungi popping up and down and around the pathways on the campus of UNCA. I love crawling around on my hands and knees looking for the littlest specimens. It's not so...

  • Yearning

    A Day

    Looking back, the 15th of May 2012 was of no real significance in her life. And yet, it was documented. A digital archive that she virtually stumbled upon. She couldn't see much harm in sharing it...

  • Heaven

    Heaven, Earth, Hell

    My final creative project.

  • Turks enjoying their nargilehs in Cyprus

    re:dis:membered evidence

    Foscolo's photograph "Turks Enjoying Their Nargilehs in Cyprus" remediated to reflect the duration of memory, conversation, smoking, thinking, reading, posing, waiting...