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  • Fear of dying

    The Nightmare

    My creative project is based upon dreams specifically nightmares and how they affect the unconscious mind. My project also shows how some fears can be irrational, which can effect your waking life...

  • Memories in Teal

    A lone traveller's thoughts on her way home. The last bolthole of humanity on the edge of the world.

  • Film Memory

    It's time for coursework. I took these pictures as a way of showing both how scary my friend is and also how cool some of the scary things she does is! None of these pictures are faked, all of...

  • Film/Memory Project - Twenty-Four Hours In London

    A project using images to illustrate moments from an imagined film.

  • Compassion

    Compassion is human, it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival. Don't hide in fear of compassion and forgiveness. If you cannot...

  • Sheep

    I know where that edge is and it is a good thing I noticed it when I went over. I found my way back across. Not everyone comes back but the ones that do are different, they march to the beat of a...

  • Just be one of the crowd

    Can't See the Litter for the Leaves

    Rubbish is an ugly business
    and following the sea of leaves
    it seems people just give up
    trying to keep things off the street.

    Or all year round aswell perhaps

  • Alive Part I


    I am a perspicacious being

    to the swing

    in the atmosphere

    of America

    disturbing my equilibrium,

    my inner sanctum.

    My synapses crackle


  • Alive Part II

    I fear freedom's erosion

    free speech and peace

    is my existence

    my parted lips denounce

    warmongers, bandwagon

    flag wavers, corporate thieves.

    I repudiate...

  • Eclipse

    Sun yellowed sheet

    of legal letterhead

    record of live birth

    1950's rigidity

    stamped and signed

    Conceived for photos

    or labor

    I guess


  • Light Years

    The art

    of stillness


    the universe


    light years

    as I sit




  • Bubble

    My paracosm

    is the bubble

    I reside

    in fear

    of society's


    of reality