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  • Eros

    Dreams and Myths

    Inspiration on Pinterest:

  • Memories in Teal- Redux

    A lone travellers thoughts as she makes her way home, to humanity's last stand on the edge of the world.

  • Contented

    A Decaying Romance

  • Original Cottage

    A walk in the fog (Original photographs )

    A collection of my original photos, before I editied them through photoshop.

  • Are We Out Of The Woods Yet?

    Into The Woods

    Let us take a walk into Wonderland, where magic lurks and everything is red. Where the fairies roam and the stillness is dead.

  • Enter the void

    Lost in Lucidity

    A one-way ticket to the unknown. This is a direct service, no stops will be made before our final destination. Please mind the closing doors.


    Navigate your unconscious,

  • Look within and life

    Memory Images

    'Look within and life, it seems, is very far from being 'like this'.'

  • Complicated World, Simple Words

    I am a pencil
    I am a pen
    I'm an observer
    I close my eyes
    I am fingers
    tapping keys
    I view the world
    and it's diseased

    I am the Devil
    I am a...

  • A Beautiful Heartache

    When he becomes your sole purpose of being alive, what would you do in a world without him? Heartbreak is a universal feeling for everyone's been through it at some point in their lives so surely...

  • Frozen Waves

    Touch The Glass

    Be aware of the fact that none of these moments were taken in the ocean. This is fake, unreal and pretending. Be aware of the glass that separates the lens and the object. Be aware of other...

  • Ignorance is Bliss

    Forgotten Winters

    A tale of love, loss and taking the dogs out for a walk.
    Shot on location in wild Norfolk, I came up with the idea for a short family drama and being in the middle of nowhere the isolation...

  • The Cottage

    A Walk in the Fog

    A short story about a young boy, whom goes on a daily walk into the fog, but for once he is going to break the chain and take a new walking route, what secrets will he uncover.