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  • inscription

    sarkej rosa mosque

    Sarkej Rosa is a ruined mosque and sufi shrine in Ahmedabad, India.

  • rose in the graveyard

    a mosque in mangalia

    An old mosque in Mangalia

  • women of izmir

    women of turkey

    Women in Istanbul, Izmir and Fethiye.

  • nicosia by pinargenti 1573


    Labyrinths, psychogeographies, memories

  • house in lefkosa

    stolen time

    Havana/Lefkosa: two cities under embargo, exiled from international law. To the camera-eye their decay is seductive, the melancholy lassitude of their ruin becomes aesthetic. It’s too easy to...

  • breakfast

    secret agent

    Why is the secret agent the object of our fictive obsession?
    Is it because we are not sure who this war is against, who the criminal is or even the exact nature of the crime....

  • mustafa nuri prison notebook

    The Topography of the Text

    Memory might be a kind of writing, and I want to consider how the topography of the page, this coming-in-to-being of the thinking/writing might be mapped through erasure, palimpsest and the...

  • doorway nicosia alev adil

    Amnesia and the ghosts of time-stopped streets

    A walk through enclave time, the ghosts of time-stopped.
    A selection of images from Nicosia and an essay on memory.

  • athena undead

    Athena Undead

    a brief derive through athens in the third order of time: the eternal return of the inevitable and unforeseen...