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  • Winter

  • Echo

    Oh circle of life repeat yourself

    In remembered words and deeds

    Reincarnation, echo state

    In life we plant these seeds

    Standing field side yesterday

    in blinding...

  • TALK

    Magic language,
    purveyor of all
    emotion and thought
    sunrise and darkest night
    by the waggle of tongues
    from the brains of all

  • Best Laid Plans

    Stage IV didn't mean much to me when the doctor said it. Ninety days to live did, but I didn't start planning to die.I was just looking out the kitchen window watching the snow fall and I thought...

  • COLD

    I slouch

    in vintage





    Boring holes


    grey cloud

    window pane

    sardonic eye


  • Sky

    On this spit

    of land

    I peer across

    endless blue waves

    and sea foam

    to blue and white


    so invisible

    am I

    to this terra firma

  • The bite of death

    Preservation Vs. Decay

    Some things cling onto life and refuse to rot away, instead they are preserved forever and simply change their form, such as the now crunchy flowers, or the perfectly preserved ladybird shell...

  • Love

  • *Published 24Jan15 Portsmouth Herald


    In a windblown world

    against the curb where shed leaves and debris gather

    passively and silently

    watching from the fringes of life

    anonymously and invisibly


  • Is this some kind of prison...

    What happens when you have so many questions for yourself and the ones around you. The start of creation and its way of evolving.You usually end up in a conflict between yourself and the...

  • Trapped desires of being

    There is the voice of the unconscious telling them to do what they want to, without hesitation, and their super ego, their parent’s voice, which enforce them to do what they have to.

  • The Power of Images in Viewer's Memory