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  • dreamer undreamt

    totem and taboo

    what happens when a totem dies? do you eat it? go out and find another one? abandon ship? and who will feed the mourning menagerie if you do that?

  • All Lives Matter

    The Sankofa, a West African Adinkra symbol that means “Return and Get It — Learn from the Past,” is the insignia of the new African Burying Ground Memorial Park in Portsmouth, N.H. The park’s...

  • BEAT

  • The Selfie


  • bambi heart totem

    eternal return: told through totems

  • Asylum

    My asylum allows the rain
    to wet me
    snow and cold surrounds me
    Being uncomfortable reminds
    that I am alive
    My asylum is random, unplanned
    a temporary...

  • Freedom

  • Ideas

    I keep my bright new ideas

    in a vault

    hidden from you

    I don't want to share them

    they are mine to keep

    Some leak out through the

    rusted brown corners...

  • Free

    Cast your net over me

    Cast your net over me

    Drag me to your shore

    I am drowning once again

    I am drowning

    I was walking on the beach

    Out of danger, out of...

  • Greyscale

  • Rejoice

  • Flocking

    An Autumn flocking of starlings fluttered

    twisting, turning in unison and not

    the sea salted air rarified and misted

    Found the outermost of my dreams

    A new algorithm...