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  • Bloodletting

  • Old Dog

    famished not


    temple dog

    love is




    gray scruff

    premature mange

    broke tooth




  • All Things Must

    see the sky through crooked blinds
    i live a life with little mind
    what do you want me to be
    so give up and i am me

    the sky is white and it's blue
    i am torn away,...

  • memory in the dead zone at the Queen's House Greenwich

    Record of a performance on 16 and 17/10/14.

  • difference

    the poetics of water

    after the flood

  • the trees, the trees

    lost forest

    the trees, the trees, whispering in the breeze, they are my brave emissaries. they tell me it is not a matter of being lost in the are the lost forest, they say.

  • Pink

    The eastern sky,
    pink blends blue
    watercolor sun rise,
    a heavy heart
    I will live another day,
    hurt but healing,
    scabbed and wounded,
    you go your way, I'...

  • the little dream nautilus

    the little dream nautilus (a ruined archive that survived the storm)

    the little dream nautilus reaches out across deadly seas when reason sleeps
    and maps become unreadable, when your heart calls
    the travelling companion flies above the generals of love...

  • and also

    visual notes on a work in progress

  • my name is flame

    burn this - burn everything

    say my name - I'm burning up in my element

  • this is a live transmission

    this is a live transmission

    from a recorded world
    this is a live transmission
    from a recorded world
    the dying song
    of a lost time
    always and never
    degraded, pixellated, blurred

  • Mystery of Life

    On my darkest day
    I found myself mortal
    stitched with cobweb
    not rivets or bolts
    jellyfish spine
    grey matter perched
    gently on a