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future tense @ gre

'A murder no less unthinkable than any other'. A four part film noir television series that I devised during my third year screenwriting course. It is set in smalltown Yorkshire during the mining strikes of 1978, a period which coincided with one of the deepest freezes on record in the North of England. The script follows the meak and downtrodden Kenneth Briggs, a farily unremarkable individual who is drawn into a murky ploy of blackmail and murder. I have attatched a full set of episode loglines and excerpts of the first episode. Feel welcome to contact me should the rest be of interest!


United Kingdom
  • A murder no less unthinkable than any other.

About the creator

Adam Wyatt

I have recently completed a film studies degree at the Univeristy of Greenwich. I avidly write scripts, sing/play instruments and pontificate, rather shamelessly, on all things cinema. I am...