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Who am I ?

film/memory evoke/revoke

Born and raised in London,
I am British. This is my present.
My parents, and family came here from Colombia.
They are my history.
As I grow up in a society of a different culture,
my parents try and imprint their memory,
their history so that it will not be forgotten.
They taught me how to speak, read, write in Spanish.
They taught me how to dance, cook and think in their traditions.
They took me over there to experience, feel and see what they had been.
I am not just carrying their memories,
but I am now their hopes for a better future.


United Kingdom
  • One old christmas. (Old Photograph taken in Colombia)
  • Photos to always remember where you've been
  • Decorating you're house to make it a home.
  • Feet in one place…mind somewhere else.
  • Privilege of traveling to places where some people can't go.
  • Celebrate it. (screenshot of home video)
  • See video
  • See video

About the creator

Stephanie Ruales-Manzano

Is in her final year of pursuing her
BA Hons degree in Film Studies.

“A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery...