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Walking in the Woods

There are many mushrooms and fungi popping up and down and around the pathways on the campus of UNCA. I love crawling around on my hands and knees looking for the littlest specimens. It's not so odd seeing people do that here in a tree-hugging mecca... I feel so at home.
Funny though, I don't like to eat mushrooms, but the beauty and variety constantly surprises me. Some day I will include their genus...but for now enjoy the images.


University of North Carolina Asheville University Heights Asheville 28801 United States
  • like buttons
  • pushing up earth with the strength of little gods
  • ghosts in the needles
  • ghosts from above
  • close ghosts
  • shelter for the ants
  • sentilnels in the forest
  • organic mob
  • the littlest ones
  • catching dew

About the creator

Candace Buck

Candace is a graduate of the Master of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UNC Asheville and holds a BA Honours degree in Film Studies from the University of Greenwich in London, UK.