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The Under-Growth

Film Fantasy Identity Creative Project 2011-12

The images you see here be that of Nature. Nay, not the conventional perception of greenery, but ones own view of what all beauty hides underneath. After all 'A rose by any other name would still hide the darkness under its petals'.
The Freudian concept of the of the Id, the repression on Nature to be its Ego version, the acceptable, showing the world the pretty flower, the fruits without having to witness the labor. No one speaks of the dirt, the beetles, worms and the grime, rather we seek out Wordsworth's linguistics to illustrate our Disney fairy-tale into the realm of ones reality.


London United Kingdom
  • Soft Darkness
  • See your Sight
  • Feast on the the Light
  • Educational Detention for the Mind
  • Growing into Ground
  • Sweetest Smile, Cruelest Crease
  • See video

About the creator

Chevel Morgan

Well do I describe myself how I really am or do I describe what I portray? What if what I portray is really me and what I hide I do so for reasons unknown? At least my Ego pretends it's unaware of...