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Tainted Nostalgia

film/memory evoke/revoke

- (When something is) Contaminated or Polluted.
- Sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

Focusing on the theme 'Remembering & Forgetting' I was inspired by Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. For the effect of my images, I was inspired by Cindy Sherman's & Diane Arbus' photography.

'When the only thing you want is to forget the one who forgot you, but you just can’t. Forgetting is only possible when you don’t keep making yourself remember...but one can simply not help but remember something that once meant everything'


United Kingdom
  • Mind games. What' hidden?. The Battle. Who wins?
  • Discuising/juxtaposition.
  • Reflect alone, no place like home.
  • We finally see the eyes that reflect something, however is hidden.
  • because it lasts longer..
  • Alone/ fotoautomat take.
  • Only time can heal, but what if the mind rewinds?
  • See video
  • See video
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  • 02_love_me_like_you.mp3

About the creator

Jelena Bateman

Is a third year Film Studies Student. A passionate Film maker, Editor, Singer/Songwriter, Artist, Photographer.

'When the only thing you want is to forget the one who forgot you, but you...