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Symbolic of a Mind

In your head

The tortured mind could be represented visually as an old decaying building in need of repair.
A mind that has undergone some horrific event or traumatic experience is in a state of disintegration, yet some fond memory stays with us.
Similarly the building has crumbling walls, the windows are smashed and it doesn't function as it once did, yet a smiling teddy sits amongst the rubble.

Exploring the decrepit building felt like exploring someone's memories, struggling through dark patches to get to gold.
*Photos taken at: Butterfly Sports Club, Eltham*


United Kingdom
  • Some things want to stay hidden.
  • Dare you enter?  Some may not like what lies within.
  • Nothing can be kept from the all seeing eye.
  • Reaching in, trying to grab hold of something, anything.
  • A glimmer of hope amongst the destruction.
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About the creator

Anna Graham

Dreamer, wanderer, creator, explorer.

Anna is a film studies graduate, experimenting with some photography ideas.
Delve into your mind and see what wonders lie within.