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Preservation Vs. Decay

Some things cling onto life and refuse to rot away, instead they are preserved forever and simply change their form, such as the now crunchy flowers, or the perfectly preserved ladybird shell shrouded in webs. Other things are changed by time and start to erode or rot away, in the end leaving this world without a trace left behind. This process can be assisted by other animals eating remains, which in turn allows them to live longer. Almost like stealing time from the corpse in fact.


United Kingdom
  • The bite of death
  • Twas beauty killed the bird
  • Dinner and a place to stay!  Too kind.
  • Encased in cobwebs
  • The erosion of time
  • What lies beneath
  • Layers go, layers stay
  • Frozen in time
  • The door still works... kind of
  • Slowly diminishing
  • Stripped away
  • The cracks of time
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About the creator

Anna Graham

Dreamer, wanderer, creator, explorer.

Anna is a film studies graduate, experimenting with some photography ideas.
Delve into your mind and see what wonders lie within.