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A Moment in Time

film/memory evoke/revoke

(See attached original poetry)


  • We choose to remember, we choose to forget
  • Time may have passed, but the memory lives on
  • A time machine, to travel back to the past
  • Captured forever, living eternally
  • An forgotten pastime, a moment of joy
  • An old friend, reminiscent of safety
  • A prayer, to remeber her loved ones by
  • Recollecting their faces,
  • Someone elses memories, but now they are hers
  • Time to move on, time to live in the present
  • A commemoration, so no-one will forget
  • Going forth, to make new memories now
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About the creator

Anna Graham

Dreamer, wanderer, creator, explorer.

Anna is a film studies graduate, experimenting with some photography ideas.
Delve into your mind and see what wonders lie within.