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The Mirror Stage

fantasies in black and white

The Beautiful Self?

By using haptic visions, I have worked with Lacan's mirror stage. The story is of a young girl lost in her own reflections. She is searching for the perfect, complete self until finally entering into the reflection, where the beauty can then shine through. My project has been heavily influenced by the work of Tarkovsky.


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Grays, Essex Grays, Essex United States
  • the fragmented other
  • searching for that perfect self
  • dangerous misrecognition, not knowing the truth
  • being one with the reflection
  • submerging yourself
  • then the beauty can shine through
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  • evanescence-my_immortal.mp3
  • sleeping_at_last-turning_page.mp3

About the creator

Louise Kelly

I love film, media, music and sports. Aspirations in teaching the new generation. Enjoy going to films as often as possible. I have completed a few films and created a magazine spread. My...