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Melancholy memories - Our memories are the blueprints of the life we have led.


The Lockean Memory Theory Of Personal Identity proposes that one's personal identity extends as far as their own consciousness. Repressed memories through trauma and false memory syndrome oppose Locke's theory. The film Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind questions identity by using selective memory erasure. But even after the characters memories of one another are erased, they still have the same identities and so will repeat the same mistakes. Within my project I explore the theme of memories creating one's identity, by erasing memories to reinvent the self and change one's identity.


United Kingdom
  • There is so much chaos remembering back.
  • I have been shaped and moulded by my past.
  • Looking back on memories I wish I didn't have.
  • I want to change who I am to escape the nightmares.
  • And forget all that reminds me of old memories.
  • I don't want to look back and remember.
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About the creator

Rachael Colls

One must have chaos within, who would give birth to a dancing star - Nietzsche

I have been a cinema projectionist for ten years, working with different equipment in various booths around...