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How many memories can one item hold?

Every time I pick up an old book or ancient bargain in a junk shop, I wonder who has owned it before me? What did they do with it? Has it travelled with someone and seen more of the world than I have?
Each item is overflowing with memories and experiences, but there is no way to unlock these and discover the past life of the teddy-bear or the trunk.
If only these inanimate objects could talk! Instead we are left to imagine our own stories for them, and create new memories for the object to store in its un-enterable frotress, for its next owner to ponder upon.


  • A case full of memories.
  • Some of its history
  • Remains of a holiday?
  • Unlocking the past
  • Each one holds a myriad of memories
  • How many hands have these cards seen?
  • For whom has he smiled for before?
  • Some wear and tear over the past 119 years.
  • A previous owner.
  • Still as vibrant as ever
  • The dust of years gone by
  • The markings of much use
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About the creator

Anna Graham

Dreamer, wanderer, creator, explorer.

Anna is a film studies graduate, experimenting with some photography ideas.
Delve into your mind and see what wonders lie within.