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the geometry of the gaze

re: remediation

The gaze is a knife, its blind-spots suture and obscure so much in the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. Seeing is not just believing, it is also misrecognising, dreaming, imagining. The geometry of the gaze cuts both ways. The hunter so often gets captured by the gaze.


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San Francisco United States
  • your murderous dream boy
  • a predatory fantasist
  • his gaze
  • like a slap in the face
  • both a desperate supplication and
  • an accusation but not a happy ending
  • 05_hey_blondie.mp3

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Alev Adil is the originator of this site. Alev's creative practice and academic research explores how poetry, performance, creative pedagogy and dialogic art practice can create the potential for...