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Flower Garden of Rememberance & Celebration


Artist injection of love and honour displayed permanently on a living canvas, each floral tribute capturing positive meanings and loving associations.

Pain endured at the loss yet gained by the beauty of craftmanship and skill. Never to leave and to travel a journey through the ages until the last step is taken. Homage to the resting yet a visual celebration to the awake. Stimulating intrigue, appreciation and sometimes taboo.

Personal dedication and tribute, thoroughly thought out and cherished. It will remain a part of the fleash always and forever like the memories and the love.


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London London United Kingdom
  • The beginning
  • Final dedication
  • Art in action
  • Rebellion of the flesh
  • Exhilaration of nerve endings
  • Flower Garden for all we have lost and those we still have
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  • 02_my_kind_of_love.mp3

About the creator

Chantel Campbell-Payne

Hmm some say strong independent black woman, others would say yummy mummy, or even over sensitised all too serious being.

I am me, I'm whoever I am, when I open my eyes each morning I wake...