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a fictional life

my ghosts

An image poem inspired by George Hadjimichalis’ new project, entitled George Hadjimichalis - The Painter A.K. - A Novel,which is an installation that consists of 265 small and medium-sized paintings, 27 photographs, a structure and a video, which comprise the retrospective exhibition of an imaginary painter.
Exhibition Nov 2011 - 5 Feb 2012 at the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens.


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National Museum of Contemporary Art Vassileos Georgiou Î’ 17-19 & Rigillis Street Athens Greece
  • a novel in images
  • a fear
  • of the light
  • the dark energies of memory
  • that join and separate
  • you and me
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About the creator

Alev Adil

Alev Adil is the originator of this site. Alev's creative practice and academic research explores how poetry, performance, creative pedagogy and dialogic art practice can create the potential for...