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The eyes scream

It was a sunny afternoon, the temperature was pleasant.
I'm laying in the garden, just listening to The Commercial Album (The Residents).
It is a magical place, from my position I can see the confluence of the rivers Rhône and Saône.
Finally, I'm peacefully asleep. At that time, an evil monster and some freak creatures take over my mind and begin to fight epic battles. These are some of the images I remember before waking up and realizing that everything has been a synaesthetic moment.
[In tribute to The Residents]


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Garden Rue Clément Mulat La Mulatière Lyon 69350 France
  • chapter_1_the_king_and_eyes
  • chapter_2_george_and_james
  • chapter_3_our_finest_flowers
  • chapter_4_animal_lover
  • chapter_5_mark_of_the_mole
  • chapter_6_hunters
  • chapter_7_eskimo
  • chapter_8_meet_the_residents
  • the_end_the_tunes_of_two_cities

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M Trombone

Enthusiast on free software, electronics and photography.
Studied Computer Engineering at the University of Zaragoza (Spain).
Currently living in Lyon(France) where takes street...