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Eye Spy Vita

Stills From Imaginary Films

My final year creative piece using the theme of voyeurism. The piece includes a snippet of a short story which accompany the photos.


United Kingdom
  • Attention (Practice shot)
  • Her hair flowed out behind her like a curtain... (Practice shot)
  • Bow (Practice shot)
  • To see her one more time was like a blessing (Practice shot)
  • Serenity (Practice shot)
  • Her dance held emotion... (Practice shot)
  • Gracefully and beautiful as ever... (Final)
  • He had never believed in love. (Final)
  • Porcelain doll. (Final)
  • He'll never forget the first time he saw her. (Final)
  • She told a story with her body. (Final)
  • Like a crystal clear lake to a man dying of thirst... (Final)
  • the_weeknd_-_wicked_games.mp3

About the creator

Sayma 'Sy' Siddika

Currently studying Film at the University of Greenwich, London.