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the dream of the white goddess

Memory in the Dead Zone

Tracing the walls of the white goddess (Lefkosia) who became the Venetian walled city of Nicosia, like Zoebide in Calvino's Invisible Cities, white city built to trace the route taken by a naked woman fleeing in a dream, a maze built to snare her. As more and more men came to Zoebide the founders wondered "what drew them to this ugly city, this trap".


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Nicosia Cyprus
  • watchtower
  • ledra palace hotel
  • forbidden zone
  • the wall
  • rubbish
  • the border and the bell tower
  • the border
  • ruin
  • palm tree
  • the armenian church
  • the armenian church
  • the armenian church
  • candan_ercetin_-_parcalandym.mp3
  • candan_ercettin__yapayalniz.mp3

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