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Can't See the Litter for the Leaves

Rubbish is an ugly business
and following the sea of leaves
it seems people just give up
trying to keep things off the street.

Or all year round aswell perhaps
but just recently I've seen
lots of packets, bottles, wrappers
floating around within the leaves.

Is it that hard to find a bin
to tidy up and keep things clean
When all the leaves have gone away
what horrid rubbish will remain?

The litter seems so camouflaged
mirroring the autumnal colours:
the reds, yellows, purples, browns
but these intruders can't hide forever


United Kingdom
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About the creator

Anna Graham

Dreamer, wanderer, creator, explorer.

Anna is a film studies graduate, experimenting with some photography ideas.
Delve into your mind and see what wonders lie within.