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Born To Die again

the memory of the film

Eros. Sex drive. Self preservation. Death drive. Constant compromise between two urges. Active in each and every piece of living substance. In the sadistic component of the sexual drive we see a merging of drives. In autonomous perversion we see an exemplary insistence of de-mergence

-Freud, Sigmund, Beyond The Pleasure Principle and other writings (2003) trans. John Reddick pp.130-131

Duality. Torn between primitive drives we strive to fulfill.
Inevitably unfulfilled sex drive, remaining death drive.
Born to die.


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University of Greenwich se10 9ls United Kingdom
  • two drives
  • eros     sex drive       self preservation
  • death drive
  • constant comprimise
  • active in each living substance
  • sadistic        perversion
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