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Best Laid Plans

Stage IV didn't mean much to me when the doctor said it. Ninety days to live did, but I didn't start planning to die.I was just looking out the kitchen window watching the snow fall and I thought, "How did I ever get here?" How did I survive cancer and then the narcotics after it? Looking back at my life, I never planned anything. My life has been helter skelter with very little planning or direction. Even as a young boy, I didn't want to "plan the fun" out of anything. My lack of planning hasn't left me in the best of condition, physically, mentally, financially or any way. I wouldn't have


United Kingdom
  • Best Laid Plans
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About the creator

Nelson Linscott

Maine born and raised, a product of the 1960's, liberal thinker, writer, photographer, poet, book collector, fountain pen enthusiast, amateur historian, reader, Beat Generation Follower, cancer...