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The Beginning Of The End

film/memory in black and white

A short story evolving around a broken relationship and lingering memories that take you through a journey back to the beginning of the relationship.

These pictures, videos and poetry are linked towards my project 'Tainted Nostalgia' As they are also inspired by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. Specifically in how the relationship travels to a new beginning, and use of the objects which bring your mind back to many collective memories.

The images & song are created by myself.


United Kingdom
  • Memory box.
  • Near the end of us. Bad memories.
  • Time was cruel to us.
  • the bad times..
  • .going further into the good times..
  • the sort of moments you want to remember..
  • Where it all began. The beginning of the end.
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  • See video

About the creator

Jelena Bateman

Is a third year Film Studies Student. A passionate Film maker, Editor, Singer/Songwriter, Artist, Photographer.

'When the only thing you want is to forget the one who forgot you, but you...