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After watching the short dramatic film 'Meshes of the Afternoon', I have combined the theme of dream to create a series of six photographs representing movie stills that stood out to me as significant moments in the film. I have created a piece of music in which I feel I could include in a film with a similar theme of dreams. I have also included a link from youtube to demonstrate many similar film and camera effects as 'Meshs of the Afternoon', as it is loosley based on it.


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Hazel Grove London SE26 4JH United Kingdom
  • Photograph 1 Falling Asleep
  • Photograph 2 The yearning reach
  • Photograph 3 Love and Hate
  • Photograph 4 Love and Guilt
  • Photograph 5 Secrets and Denial
  • Photograph 6 Reality and the end
  • See video
  • dreamy.mp3

About the creator

Serife Yavas

I am 22 and currently studying English at Greenwich University. I enjoy analysing creative arts and have a passion for films and the meaning behind each scene. I also find photography interesting...