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archive of the lost object

Memory in the Dead Zone

"... the archiving, printing, writing, prosthesis, or hypomnesic technique in general is not only the place for stocking and for conserving an archivable content of the past which would exist in any case, such as, without the archive, one still believes it was or will have been. No, the archivization produces as much as it records the event". Derrida "Memory: The Question of Archives."


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London NW3 5SX United Kingdom
  • flotsam
  • angel
  • undeciphered eteocypriot script
  • chair
  • ripening quinces
  • doll
  • a head hunter's trophy at the pitt rivers museum oxford
  • salamis
  • bambi
  • stained photograph
  • I had international aspirations
  • departure board
  • candan_ercettin_hier_encore.mp3
  • sezen_aksu_farkindayim.mp3

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Alev Adil is the originator of this site. Alev's creative practice and academic research explores how poetry, performance, creative pedagogy and dialogic art practice can create the potential for...