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All that Remains.

film/memory evoke/revoke

Inishmurray is a small island which lies in Donegal Bay off the coast of Co. Sligo Ireland.

The early Christian monastic settlement is estimated to date back to the 6th century, and was attacked by the Vikings in 807. The cist burial and carved stones suggests prehistoric occupation.

Inishmurray was occupied until 1948 when the last remaining islanders left for a new life on the mainland. The remains of their homes are all that’s left of what was once a small thriving community living off the sea and a small area of arable land.


Inishmurray Island Ireland
  • Alone out here (Photo courtesy of Helen Graham)
  • Nature encompasses all (Photo courtesy of Helen Graham)
  • The mainland seems so far away
  • Something to remember them by (Photo courtesy of Helen Graham)
  • Only the strongest will survive
  • The cupboards are empty forever now
  • Peace and solitude
  • In memory of
  • May they rest in peace
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