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2 am Brain Pickings

Sometimes brain damage is a blessing. Brain cancer, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, two marriages and life in general has rendered my tender gray matter once firmly tethered to pole of society and middle of the road thought into a cauldron of disconnected rambling, diatribes and conversations with myself like this that raise the eyebrows of many. Until you have survived adversity, you are content to rub fur with the multitudes of lemmings of bilateral choices, three hots and a cot, trimmed hair and Dancing with the Stars. Many wake up and life is nearly over, nostalgia kicks in and the regrets


United Kingdom

About the creator

Nelson Linscott

Maine born and raised, a product of the 1960's, liberal thinker, writer, photographer, poet, book collector, fountain pen enthusiast, amateur historian, reader, Beat Generation Follower, cancer...