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  • The Box


    The box
    Now sold
    stolen by one
    But the pain still
    like the stink
    of abuse

  • Collected Mush

    Images from a past project of mine. Since moving to the mountains of North Carolina, I am learning that cooler weather is not far away when the fungus begin to appear.

  • Portraits of the old self

    18 pieces from my visual poetry collection...

  • The Sin

    The sin is
    the synchronicity
    The stiff
    pose of leaders
    beheading thought
    and empathy
    while selling you freedom
    shackled in chains

  • Creative

    Inspirations - 2016

    'Inspirations' is a digital art and poetry project focusing on the different ways people around us can enhance our daily lives. We only have to take a closer look at our loved ones to be amazed at...

  • becoming astarte

  • 2 am Brain Pickings

    Sometimes brain damage is a blessing. Brain cancer, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, two marriages and life in general has rendered my tender gray matter once firmly tethered to pole of society and...

  • The Scythe

    The scythe is an extension
    of lean sharp muscle
    and blade
    The gentle swing in rhythm
    of the season
    smooth never forced
    a meditation in movement
    breathe in...

  • And Also

    AND ALSO @ Gallery Elektrozavod Moscow

    Alev Adil's installation and play AND ALSO (don't tell me) Love is a Crime

    @ Галерея «Электрозавод» [Gallery Elektrozavod] Moscow April 2016.
    Also see...

  • Coal Eye

    They said I was unwanted
    a product of youth's lust
    not a plan
    my fractured childhood oozed
    blood from the torn seams
    and shattered dreams
    before I knew the word...

  • Spirit

    I dream in colors vivid
    blood, organs, nerves and muscle
    my dreams of the cellular
    internal cogs, trusses
    and grey convoluted computer
    the spiritual encasement...

  • NYC