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Nelson Linscott

Maine born and raised, a product of the 1960's, liberal thinker, writer, photographer, poet, book collector, fountain pen enthusiast, amateur historian, reader, Beat Generation Follower, cancer survivor. I feast on mad desires to learn, to see things differently, to feel what I believe few others can feel. Hypersensitivity has been my salvation and my downfall. My life has been a roller coaster from rich to poor, from vigor to near death, from sunny happy days to the depths of despair. I am tangential, opinionated, passionate and empathetic. I am never bored.

  • Sky
  • Light Years
  • Eclipse
  • Alive Part II
  • The Box
  • Alive Part I
  • Compassion
  • Complicated World, Simple Words
  • Bubble
  • Asylum
  • Flocking
  • Thoughts
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  • See video