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Jelena Bateman

Is a third year Film Studies Student. A passionate Film maker, Editor, Singer/Songwriter, Artist, Photographer.

'When the only thing you want is to forget the one who forgot you, but you just can’t. Forgetting is only possible when you don’t keep making yourself remember'

  • things just don't add up
  • Past the light, but I'm still here?
  • who am I?
  • searching..
  • sat within a silhouette as life blooms
  • the only way to to accept it
  • The mind & soul combine at night
  • The mirror is right in the middle of the process. Its the infinitive reflection.
  • Saint Christopher - the saint of 'travel' : Crescent - by 'night'
  • Going in...
  • Always caught up in the middle of the action...
  • 5 minutes in reality equals one hour in the dream?
  • See video
  • See video
  • jelena_original_song_-_right_here_right_now_bass_amp_version_mp3.mp3
  • lana_del_rey_-_dark_paradise.mp3
  • 02_love_me_like_you.mp3