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Christopher Newell

“People want to be bowled over by something special. Nine times out of ten you might strike out, but that tenth time, that peak experience, is what people want. That's what can move the world. That's art.”

  • Recalling a past self; placing yourself in a memory.
  • Near death experience; starving the brain of oxygen causing a burst of memory.
  • Forgetting; missing, incomplete memory.
  • Screen memory; a simple childhood scene with deeper connotations.
  • Memory and objects; objects help you to both recall and create memories.
  • Future memory; where organic and machine may become one.
  • A childhood touch; larger hands... same feeling? It's difficult to remember.
  • "The moment our lips touched, I knew the memory would last forever."
  • The touch of rain; the sense of nature; the refreshing feel of cold water.
  • A comforting touch, intimate yet innocent; the warmness of another.
  • A feminine touch; the colour of passion and the feeling of allure.
  • "I've been here before."
  • clint_mansell_-_stay_with_me.mp3

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