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Oedipus in the Thinktank

Late At Tate Britain Beyond Apocalypse Friday 4 November 2011

10 October 2011 - 8:14am

Studio for Electronic Theatre
Oedipus at Tate Britain
Apocalyptic Cybernetic Theatre ACT – OEDIPUS

Tate Britain, Duveens Gallery, 4 November

A post-apocalyptic sci-fi adaptation of Seneca’s Oedipus.

OEDIPUS is a multimedia theatre work where both performers and audience are transported into an imaginary world full of high-tech intrigue, low-tech crime, and traces of uncorrupted love.

Over the evening, as the narrative unfolds we find ourselves in an abandoned art gallery in the year 2027 in a post-apocalyptic setting in which the gallery Tate Britain have been transformed into an overcrowded refugee camp.
Studio for Electronic Theatre is a joint initiative of the ICAS - University of Greenwich; tg Cactusbloem, Antwerp (Belgium); Magadatt, Amsterdam (NL); and PVC-T, Novi Sad (Serbia)

Hannah Lamin
Alev Adil
Mieke Weckesser
Hazim Kamaledin

Lighting Design: Boris Butorac
Costume Design: Hannah Lamin
Sound Design: Steve Kennedy
Music: Steve Kennedy and Vladimir Bojovic
Interaction Design: Matthias Oostrik
Dramaturgy/Text: Alev Adil
Physical Performance Directing: Hazim Kamaledin
Concept/Multimedia Directing: Nuno Salihbegovic

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