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The Bristol-based performance artist brings his latest Subtlemob to the Edinburgh Film Festival Our Broken Voice', 15th and 22nd June

10 June 2011 - 10:56am

The Bristol-based performance artist brings his latest Subtlemob to the Edinburgh Film Festival, encouraging people to download an MP3 from his website and join the audio-led live cinematic experience.
15th and 22nd June, 5.30pm. To take part you need to visit and sign up by email. You receive location details, instructions and an MP3 the day before the event - the location stays secret until then but it is in central Edinburgh. The piece lasts about 30mins and there will be a secret after party following it. Places are limited due to the location.

Large groups of people dancing in unison or springing up in unlikely locations kitted out in full fancy dress are commonplace since the rise and commercialisation of the Flashmob. Duncan Speakman has an antidote to these in the form of the Subtlemob and will be presenting his latest collaboratively developed piece 'Our Broken Voice' as part of this year's Edinburgh Film Festival. The Subtlemob is a collection of people who arrive in a location having downloaded an MP3 from his website and who then participate in an audio-led live cinematic experience that eschews 'spectacle' in favour of individual experience.

A narrative unfolds over headphones as the participant's subjectivity shifts between enacting moments and viewing others become part of scenes around them. 'Our Broken Voice' consists of four different tracks and therefore four potential perspectives on the story and four different sets of instructions depending on your track. Simple everyday actions take on new meaning as tableaux merge and intertwine within the carefully choreographed constellations of moments.