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A list of links and resources for academics, writers and artists working on memory.

Links and Resources

Victoria and Albert museum exhibition on memory maps

Photography, Cinema, Memory : The Crystal Image of Time by Damien Sutton
reviewed by Alev Adil
Philosophy of Photography Journal, Intellect, vol1/1 2010 ISSN: 20403682

Memory Studies
Memory Studies affords recognition, form and direction to work in this nascent field, and provides a critical forum for dialogue and debate on the theoretical, empirical, and methodological issues central to a collaborative understanding of memory today. Memory Studies examines the social, cultural, cognitive, political and technological shifts affecting how, what and why individuals, groups and societies remember, and forget.

Electronic Literature Collection
A Publication of the Electronic Literature Organization
The Electronic Literature Organization was founded in 1999 to foster and promote the reading, writing, teaching, and understanding of literature as it develops and persists in a changing digital environment. A 501c(3) non-profit organization, the ELO includes writers, artists, teachers, scholars, and developers.

Memory Map: An Interactive Installation That Maps
Memory Space to Physical Space
Memory Map is an interactive installation in which the memories, reflections, and anticipations of visitors become critical aesthetic elements. The physical space of a hall becomes a metaphor for the collective memory space of those who have visited the installation- for example, with the voices of those older than the present viewer coming from in front and those younger coming from behind.. The installation explores interface issues of 3-D sound and the mapping of conceptual abstractions to physical space.