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Frequently Asked Questions (technical)


*How do I get a user profile on memorymap?
Contact us via the message facility on the Contacts page at

*How do I make a user profile?
Go to member area tab at top rhs
Log in
Once you have logged in click on header titled Profile on lhs.
Upload image, add descriptor and links to your other web profiles.

*How do I create a project?
Go to member area tab at top rhs
Log in
Go to projects, second left heading
Click on + project (in blue) on the rhs
Fill in on all fields for title, description, location
Images is just below location, choose jpg file from your pc, click upload
All projects must have at least one image
Click add another item and rpt to upload subsequent images
Add url to video in field below
Audio mp3s can be added directly from your pc like jpg images
Text should be added as pdf
Press Save to save project.

*I am trying to upload another project but just can not seem to find how to do that?
Log in
Go to projects, third left heading
Click on + project

*I am submitting a music project, why must I upload an image?
Without an image your project will not have an icon on the Projects page.

*Why won't my music track upload?
If your music track is NOT an mp3 or its file size is larger than 8mb it will not upload.

*Can I upload video directly from my pc?
No, you can link your videos by posting url.

*Why is it important to tag my work?
It is important to tag your work because tags create the architecture of association on the site, linking your work to that of others and because it populates and determines the tags in the (4th header tab), the collective random poetry generator.