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This site is a psychogeography of dreams and drifts;  created collectively through the diverse contributions of participants. Become a part of the  digital dérive: drift with us. Create portfolios of your work; explore the work of fellow writers, photographers and artists; participate in and publicise your events, conferences, exhibitions and workshops. 


Welcome to our free online exhibition space which provides an attractive portfolio for your writing, photography, music and spoken word projects.  Archive your creative projects in education, community arts and for individual artists.You can also contribute to, create and publicise events (both online and offline workshops and symposia) which  create  imaginary memory maps,  where the individual residues of moments, daydreams, memories  become pooled in a collective digital reverie.

memory maps

Memory maps are collections of images, short films, music, writing which explore specific concepts, times, spaces and memories. This creative archiving has a sense of drift about it, open to chance and coincidence, to juxtaposition and transposition, a collective weave of individual contributions which becomes the fabric of  the map of a larger imaginary territory. The tags at the bottom of each page are a cloud poem, an index to that place.

Create imaginary memory  projects

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Publicise and create your own events. 



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become a part of the creation of the memory archive

If you'd like to participate in online and offline projects   get in touch. We work with individuals, universities and artists' groups to facilitate  creative workshops and projects. Membership is free and open to artists, writers, muscians, photographers, film makers... membership is free and easy, just contact us.